https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3WSyvVPQNzg&t=1s   Here's the latest YouTube video on Time2Mend's YouTube Channel! This video talks about many of the common red flags in behavior you should look out for in a person! Enjoy!


My Sex Life… After an Abusive Relationship

Will I ever have sex again? After ending my “relationships” this was a question I would often ask myself over and over again. Sex is great. But sex in an unhealthy relationship? Awful. It’s not even real “sex” in my opinion. It’s just awkward unsatisfying wastes of time. Since that’s all I had been used… Continue reading My Sex Life… After an Abusive Relationship

Depression After an Abusive Relationship

When you feel trapped in your own body. I’m a happy, positive, empowering person but some days my brain is telling me otherwise. Depression Unfortunately, depression is usually seen as being sad all day every single day while crying, eating ice cream fresh out of the container, and watching your favorite TV show reruns on… Continue reading Depression After an Abusive Relationship

Going to The Same College as Your Abuser

Just when you thought they were out of your life for good. Unfortunately, the traumatic memories and the pain abusers cause don’t just immediately disappear. Sometimes neither do they! When I dumped the last loser abuser at the beginning of the New Year, I celebrated! I was officially ringing in the New Year single and… Continue reading Going to The Same College as Your Abuser

Is Cheating Considered Abuse?

This is a question that I would get a lot from others who are wondering is cheating a form of abuse? I decided to ask my social media account on Instagram. 74% responded yes, 26% responded no. This lead me to doing some research, Googling tons of answers, and they all came to the same… Continue reading Is Cheating Considered Abuse?

I Brought Time2Mend To Life Through YouTube!

Finally! What better way to bring a blog to life than through actual live video footage? I decided to further expand my blog by creating a YouTube channel. The goal of the channel, as well as this blog, serves one purpose: To spread domestic violence awareness! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4t3zFSF41bcUawNU-6PJEQ?view_as=subscriber When I created Time2Mend way back in December of… Continue reading I Brought Time2Mend To Life Through YouTube!


You may have wondered, where in the world have I been? Yes, I took that first leap and decided why not start dating? Why not put myself "out there" and try seeing someone? Now let me tell you right away… third time was NOT the charm. Well, at least it wasn’t in my case. Let’s… Continue reading He… SPIT IN MY FACE!

I Wrote A Book (Announcement Post)

Here's the link to purchase my paperback book "All The Things I Never Said" http://www.lulu.com/shop/terea-ford/all-the-things-i-never-said/paperback/product-23297902.html As you all know I take pride in sharing my experiences of domestic violence, abusive relationships, and being an introvert who at one point in life was letting far too many people walk right over me. Well, I decided why… Continue reading I Wrote A Book (Announcement Post)

Where Have I Been Lately?!?!

Lost. I have had literally the craziest turn of events in the past few weeks that I’ve even had to take a step back from blogging. Now of course (since I’m a happy go lucky person) I try to make the best out of every situation because hey I’m alive! So, what has happened? Let… Continue reading Where Have I Been Lately?!?!